February 2017 Issue Preview



  • In Focus: Singing Rooster
  • Chocolate Meets Its Mate!
  • The Cacao Genome — How Will Chocolate Survive?
  • Chocolate Calendar
  • Chocolate News: Chocolate for Breakfast(?) and A Big Job for a Little Bean
  • Cocktails of the Month: Chocolate Martini & Caramel Chocolate Martini!
  • Chocolate University: The Love Connection
  • Marisa’s Chocolate Adventure Part 1: The FCIA Winter Event

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NOTE: We publish multiple blog posts previews for each issue, to give you an idea of what you’ll find inside.  Scroll down below to see which posts we’ve already published for the Febuary 2017 Issue.


Singing Rooster’s Haitian Hot Chocolate Recipe

Haitians absolutely LOVE Chocolate Chaud, and this recipe is a nice, special treat to make at home for Valentine’s Day. Haitians spice hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne – spices that go into almost everything…

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Chocolate Meets Its Mate Preview

Chocolate’s connection to Valentine’s Day now seems as natural as popcorn at the movies, but it took centuries for the two essential elements — the rise of chocolate as a popular treat and the celebration of Valentine’s Day as a holiday — to merge…

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Valentine’s Day Sale!

Add an Annual Subscription to your Shopping Cart and save 20% off your entire order, including the Annual Subscription! Catch up on back issues… order one of the Singing Rooster Chocolate Offers… or pick up a Gift Subscription for someone else. Sale ends February 15th!

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Singing Rooster Chocolate Offer

Four different Haitian chocolate bars, cacao nibs, and award-winning coffee, this month’s 3-part chocolate offer is from Singing Rooster, and each purchase plants an income-providing cacao tree in Haiti.

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In Focus: Singing Rooster Preview

Meet Singing Rooster, an American nonprofit company with a deep passion for another country and its chocolate… Haiti. Once again, you’re about to discover great people who just happen to be great chocolate makers…

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About The Author

Eric Battersby

Experienced writer, indie filmmaker (Hollywood 27 and Change The World Films), and best-selling Kindle author, Eric has this to say about Chocolate Connoisseur: “Our goal is to not only help create a strong community of enlightened chocolate lovers, connecting them with passionate chocolatiers and chocolate makers, it’s to also help the chocolate industry rise up and do the right thing by its cacao farmers and everyone else. Just like what I do as a filmmaker, I want us to do our part here to change the world. We’re not just building a magazine -- I think that’s part of being a responsible media company, and I think our readers completely embrace the concept as well..” For Eric's other life as an activist filmmaker, visit http://www.walkamileproject.com, to learn how his nonprofit is currently tackling the controversy surrounding GMOs (genetically modified organisms in our food supply).

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