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Chocolate Expert David Menkes of LetterPress Chocolate is ready for your questions

Starting with the June 2017 issue, we feature a monthly column called ASK A CHOCOLATE EXPERT.

Our current “chocolate expert” is none other than LetterPress Chocolate’s very own David Menkes. Each month, we take your questions, submit them to David, and he answers at least one every single issue. For more on David, click here to visit LetterPress Chocolates.

The best part? If your question is selected, you’ll receive that issue for FREE!

If you’re not yet a subscriber, we’ll get you set up as one with full access to whichever issue your question appears in.

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To send us your question, either post a comment at the bottom of this page (easiest, fastest method), submit the Ask a Chocolate Expert Form below, or simply send an email to: Eric@ChocolateConnoisseurMag.com, and please include the following:

  • Full Name
  • Your chocolate-related question for David

If you have any questions on ASK A CHOCOLATE EXPERT, please feel free to contact us anytime at support@ChocolateConnoisseurMag.com.

Ask a Chocolate Expert

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  1. Eric Battersby

    What’s the fastest and easiest way to get us your question? Just type it right here in the Comments!

  2. T. Awrap

    Am I correct that all “real” chocolate comes from the cocoa bean? If so, where is is predominately grown, and in what form (tree, bush, plant, etc.) is it grown in it’s natural state?

  3. Patricia Mackey

    What makes Belgium chocolate so unique?


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