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I will go out on a limb here and guess that, like so many of us, you enjoy the wonderful taste of chocolate.  If that’s why you’re here, it is indeed a perfect fit, because in each issue of  Chocolate Connoisseur, we’ll show you new ways to appreciate your favorite treat.  We’ll bring you into the kitchen with some amazing independent chocolatiers and chocolate makers, who will share their stories, their passion, and even a few of their sweet secrets with you.

In Chocolate Connoisseur, you’ll discover a cornucopia of chocolate greatness, presented with a down to earth, “we’re with you” kind of attitude.  You’ll uncover different ways chocolate can actually be healthy for you (hint: that even goes beyond simply eating it), you’ll feel inspired by bits of chocolate history (ever heard of Montezuma’s “divine” chocolate drink?), and you’ll discover unique chocolates from around the world – all framed with the high quality writing you’ll grow to expect and rely on from Chocolate Connoisseur.

You’ll even learn not only how to make chocolate, but how to make chocolate better.  From truffle recipes, to chocolate cocktails, to the latest unique chocolate creations, we’ll shine a whole new light on your sweet obsession.  Starting in 2017, on a near-monthly basis, you can also order a new handpicked selection from chocolate makers/chocolatiers around the world, delivered straight to your front door (and at a 25% discount for magazine subscribers).

Our mission is to create each issue of Chocolate Connoisseur better than the last… to build the best chocolate publication for you.  As your friendly Chocolate Connoisseur editor, I look forward to it.  Honestly though, what I look forward to the most is seeing what you will dream up for Chocolate Connoisseur… what you will imagine for the magazine that quickly evolves into your favorite place to read about this passion we all call chocolate.  So please email me your thoughts, suggestions, feedback… anything that crosses your mind as you’re reading.  My email address is below, and I would love to hear from you.  I look forward to building Chocolate Connoisseur together.

– Eric Battersby

Editor-In-Chief, Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine



Eric Battersby

Eric Battersby


Experienced writer, indie filmmaker (Hollywood 27 and Change The World Films), and best-selling Kindle author, Eric has this to say about Chocolate Connoisseur: “Our goal is to not only help create a strong community of enlightened chocolate lovers, connecting them with passionate chocolatiers and chocolate makers, it’s to also help the chocolate industry rise up and do the right thing by its cacao farmers and everyone else. Just like what I do as a filmmaker, I want us to do our part here to change the world. We’re not just building a magazine — I think that’s part of being a responsible media company, and I think our readers completely embrace the concept as well.”
Rene Zimbelman

Rene Zimbelman

Staff Writer

Rene truly loves to write.  From all her work at the prestigious Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in Colorado, to her soon-to-be-released first novel Miserably Happy, to her volunteer writing at The Walk a Mile Project, and her current work over at Cause Planet, Rene gives her all to the craft and to her readers.  Of course it certainly helps that she also loves chocolate!
David Menkes

David Menkes

Chocolate Expert

David, a former DreamWorks animator and chocolate blogger/writer now turned bean-to-bar chocolate maker, founded LetterPress Chocolates in 2014, not long after his first stint as a writer for Chocolate Connoisseur.  He now returns to the magazine, not just as a writer, but also as our number one chocolate expert, a title he’s earned over the past few years of constant learning and growth.  David is one of the most passionate chocolate people you’ll ever meet, and we’re glad to have him at Chocolate Connoisseur.
Marisa Mudge

Marisa Mudge

Associate Writer

A budding young writer and founder of the Chocolate Distribution Company, you won’t ever second guess one important thing about Marisa — her undying obsession with chocolate! Marisa not only writes a regular column titled “Marisa’s Chocolate Adventure”, she also works with Chocolate Connoisseur most months setting up our monthly chocolate offers with chocolate makers/chocolatiers around the world.

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