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NOTE: We publish multiple blog posts previews for each issue, to give you an idea of what you’ll find inside. Scroll down below to see which posts we’ve already published for the October 2017 Issue.


Corruption in the Chocolate Chain: Deadly Deforestation and Cacao – Part One

A Better Halloween: Chocolate and Halloween

Cocktail of the Month: Pumpkin Pie Martini

Ask a Chocolate Expert with David Menkes (and special guest Jeff Shepherd)

Marisa's Chocolate Adventure: Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Francisco

Editor's Corner -- A Fantastic Finish to 2017 is Underway...

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Elements Truffles Chocolate Offer

Elements Truffles showcases their ayurveda-inspired artisan chocolates in this month’s outstanding chocolate offer. Make sure you read May’s In Focus article on Elements and its founder, Alak Vasa, to see exactly why you do not want to miss the Elements Truffles Chocolate Offer!

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Deforestation and Cacao – Part One

Deforestation and cacao, together for nearly twenty-five years, as the chocolate industry takes a toll on Africa’s ecosystem, creating an unsustainable structure that puts not only Africa, but the future of cacao in jeopardy. In Part One of this two-part series, we pull back the curtain on how greed & corruption wreak havoc on our beloved chocolate.

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Halloween Chocolate Preview

Halloween chocolate, two words that go together oh-so-well. Rene Zimbelman takes a look at Halloween candy and chocolate trends in the USA, taking you on a billion dollar journey from where we are as a trick-or-treating country to where we truly need to be…

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Projet Chocolat Offer

This issue’s chocolate offer delivers the Chocolate Connoisseur Bundle from Projet Chocolat — eight Chocolate Tasting Papers and six Chocolate Envelopoes — yet another way to elevate your appreciation of chocolate to a whole new level…

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About The Author

Eric Battersby

Experienced writer, indie filmmaker (Hollywood 27 and Change The World Films), and best-selling Kindle author, Eric has this to say about Chocolate Connoisseur: “Our goal is to not only help create a strong community of enlightened chocolate lovers, connecting them with passionate chocolatiers and chocolate makers, it’s to also help the chocolate industry rise up and do the right thing by its cacao farmers and everyone else. Just like what I do as a filmmaker, I want us to do our part here to change the world. We’re not just building a magazine -- I think that’s part of being a responsible media company, and I think our readers completely embrace the concept as well..” For Eric's other life as an activist filmmaker, visit http://www.walkamileproject.com, to learn how his nonprofit is currently tackling the controversy surrounding GMOs (genetically modified organisms in our food supply).

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